Managing Anger and Conflict

Anger Management

This conflict and anger program enables participants to deal more objectively with differences in how we do things, view things, and relate to others. These can be damaging forces, costing people their jobs, personal relationships, and even their health when they get out of hand. Since everyone experiences these emotions, it is important to have constructive approaches to manage them effectively.

This workshop will help participants identify their triggers and what to do when they get angry. They develop greater awareness of how they currently deal with this and how they can apply techniques to manage it more effectively in the future.


The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator

  • What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?
  • MBTI scales and potential sources of strife in the workplace.

Understanding Discord

  • The two faces of strife.
  • Three critical steps to manage discord constructively.
  • Discovering your conflict style.

The Two Concerns of Hostility

  • How we handle these two concerns.
  • The combinations of the two concerns.
  • How to deal with angry people.
  • Why we often continue to use non-productive approaches.

Interpersonal Skills for Managing These Problems Effectively

  • Attentive and active listening skills.
  • How to deal with discord and anger constructively.
  • How to regain control of situations.
  • Making adjustments.


Individuals who understand the reasons for their anger and how to manage discord tend to be more likely to take action and make things happen rather than worry, procrastinate or confront inappropriately. In this program, participants will understand how their personal preferences affect their views and how their views affect both their performance and their professional environment. Individuals who master anger improve their ability to focus on problems and can, in turn, redirect their energy to more effective patterns.

Participants will be able to recognize and understand the possible causes, characteristics, and solutions of hostility between individuals.

Depending on the depth of content covered, this program can be delivered in a one, two or three-day format.


This program is for people from all levels of the organization who want to increase their productivity through more effective discord resolution insights and habits.

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