Customer Relations

This customer relations workshop deals with how you can improve your understanding and skills when dealing with all kinds of customers whether over the telephone, by email or face-to-face while striving to build positive relationships with all types of behaviours — pleasant, angry, passive, or reluctant.

The seminar covers the following topics:

  • The Psychology of Customer Interactions
  • Understanding Your Communication Style
  • Dealing with "Difficult" Customers
  • Improving Results Using a Problem-Solving Approach

The Psychology of Customer Interactions

In this component of the workshop a number of activities takes place to assist the participants in understanding the psychology of client relationships and addresses the question, "How do I see myself as a customer relations specialist?" and, "How do I see the customer?"

An analysis of your customer relation's patterns provides the backdrop for understanding communication styles and processes involved when dealing with a wide range of customer behaviours.

How to Deal with Difficult Customers

The fact that communication takes place does not mean that the customer is satisfied and happy. Our communication style can block the transmission of information when dealing with a difficult customer. Participants learn how to listen, create rapport, and confront differences so that a win-win outcome is achieved.

In this series of activities, participants learn how to achieve power by maintaining psychological control so that any pattern of behaviour they encounter can be dealt with professionally.

Improving Results Using A Problem-solving Approach

Everything you say and leave unsaid has an effect on your results. To be effective in dealing with customers, activities in this part of the workshop show how to appear congruent and focused in what you think, how you feel, and how you act.

Personal insights and the learning models used in the workshop provide participants with a problem-solving approach for managing customers' expectations. Through this process, participants gain a clearer understanding of how to achieve the results they are after at all times.


This workshop will assist participants in recognizing their own needs, the expectations of their customers, and how to keep positively motivated to work toward the attainment of their company's commitment to improved relations with customers.


This full-day program is for people from all levels of the organization who want to increase their effectiveness through more constructive behaviour.

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